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Ronald Hutton
Professor Ronald Hutton is a world-renowned historian who has written extensively on the seventeenth century and the history of paganism. We were lucky enough to catch up with him at Chalke Valley History Festival to discuss his eclectic interests.
KITE festival 2022
With an eclectic mix providing nourishment for the mind and music for the soul, there's something for everyone at KITE festival.
Hay Castle
Finally open to the public for the first time in its history, Hay Castle is coming alive to tell the wonderful and surprising story of this Janus-like building, that at once sympathetically acknowledges its past while taking a joyous leap into its…
Chalke Valley History Festival 2022 is almost upon us. This year, there is so much going on - with talks on four stages as well as at Speaker's Corner and across the site, along with living history, various demonstrations and experiences for…
Chalke Valley History Festival
The Daily Mail Chalke Valley History Festival is set to return from 20-26 June this summer and promises to be more exciting and interactive than ever before. After a slightly shortened version in 2021, this year it will be back to seven days, packed…
Catherine Fletcher
Catherine Fletcher is a historian of Renaissance Europe, having written books on sixteenth-century Italy, Duke Alessandro de’ Medici, and the divorce of Henry VIII. She has also advised on TV series such as Wolf Hall, as well as contributing to a…
Ben Kane
Ben Kane is a bestselling author of historical fiction, who has wowed readers with unforgettable characters, intriguing storylines, immense battles and impressive research that has taken him out of the archives and into the wilds of living history.…
Paul Lay
Paul Lay is the editor of History Today and a founder of BBC History Magazine. He is also a specialist in early modern history and, in 2020, published a book on the Cromwellian Protectorate, Providence Lost. We caught up with him at the Chalke…
CVHF map
Chalke Valley History Festival has always been about making history accessible and this year it really went the extra mile. After 18 months of bleakness and uncertainty, it really has given us a much-needed ray of sunshine.
Chalke Valley History Festival
After its enforced absence in 2020 due to the pandemic, Chalke Valley History Festival is set to return with a bang in 2021. Running from Wednesday 23 June to Sunday 27 June, it will be one of the very first major festivals to run this year
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