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CHF 2024 cr Steve Chick
Tickets for the UK’s biggest and most successful history festival are now on sale, with the full programme launched and details of all events now live on the newly relaunched Chalke History Festival website.
Dan Jones
What does a story about a medieval invasion of Normandy look like if you give it the attack and the urgency of a twentieth-century American war story?
Chalke History Festival 2024 cr Steve Chick
The Chalke History Festival - the biggest, most celebrated history festival in the world - will this year run from 24 to 30 June, and early-bird tickets are already on sale!
We Have Ways Fest 2023
We Have Ways Fest is a veritable sweetshop for all those drawn to the dramatic and dangerous years of 1939-1945. But it's so much more than that.
Buckingham History Festival
Buckingham History Festival, running from 15 to 17 September 2023, will features 23 brilliant historians and specialists, new historical discoveries, and exciting ideas.
Tobias Capwell
Dr Tobias Capwell is, almost literally, a knight in shining armour. A specialist in medieval arms and armour, he is also an expert martial artist, a maker of mail, and a jouster, touring the world to perform daring deeds on horseback.
We Have Ways Fest 2023
In just a week’s time, between 8 and 10 September, the brilliant We Have Ways of Making You Talk podcast will be holding its annual We Have Ways Fest. Once again, the UK’s largest festival dedicated to the Second World War will be returning to amaze…
Marion Turner
Marion Turner is both a renowned expert and an extremely engaging author and speaker, inspiring audiences around the globe with her passion for late medieval literate. We caught up with her at Chalke Valley History Festival to chat about the appeal…
Kate Vigurs
For the past two years, Dr Kate Vigurs has been an absolute hit at Chalke Valley History Festival. Her book, 'Mission France', was in the festival's bestseller lists for both years, while huge crowds flocked to enjoy her performances…
Frank McDonough
Frank McDonough is a living legend. Now, with his third book in the series on the history of Germany coming out, we caught up with him to talk about a period of history he finds infinitely fascinating: the Weimar Republic.
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