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Maria Golia, Short History of Tomb-Raiding
Maria Golia’s 'A Short History of Tomb-Raiding' provides just that: a history of tomb-raiding in Egypt, from the time of the ancients through to the present day. This is a grown-up, holistic account of tomb-raiding, with a relevance and…
Dinner in Rome
'Dinner in Rome' is, like a good carbonara, an effortless combination of ingredients that come together to make the perfect dish. Part history, part travel guide, and part food-critic's column, it takes the reader on a stroll around…
Mission France, Kate Vigurs
In 'Mission France', Kate Vigurs tells the story of ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances, whose courage contributed in real and significant ways to the liberation of France.
Winters in the World
Eleanor Parker’s Winters in the World is a lyrical journey through the Anglo-Saxon year, witnessing the major festivals and the turning of the seasons through the eyes of the poets.
Polling Unpacked
'Polling Unpacked' explains everything a general reader needs to know about the workings of political opinion polls on both sides of the Atlantic, describing how polls are designed, how they work, and how they are analysed, before…
The Worst Military Leaders in History
'The Worst Military Leaders in History' takes the reader on a whistle-stop tour of 15 of the world’s most disastrous commanders, from Crassus to Custer, in an original, inverted take on an old topic.
Duel Without End, Stig S. Frøland
In Duel Without End, Stig Frøland explores the never-ending battle between humans and microbes in a fascinating voyage of discovery, breakthroughs, and setbacks. From Homo sapiens’ arrival in the world to the latest battles with Covid, Frøland…
The Barn, Sally Coulthard
The Barn, in its simplest form, is the tale of an unassuming agricultural building – now owned by the author, Sally Coulthard – during its life from construction to artist’s studio.
Dan Jones, Powers and Thrones
In his new book, Powers and Thrones: A New History of the Middle Ages, Dan Jones presents a truly epic history of Europe and beyond, spanning everything from the heights of the Late Roman Republic to the depths of religious division during the…
Scenes from Prehistoric Life
'Scenes from Prehistoric Life' invites the reader on a gentle stroll through prehistoric Britain, and describes the landscapes by painting a complete picture of that place, in that time, in something more akin to hopping into a time…
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