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Assassination of Julius Caesar
On the Ides of March 44 BCE, one of the most famous men in history was assassinated. Julius Caesar, general and politician of the people, had risen too far. It was rumoured he wanted to be king and…
Arctic Convoy JW-53
Contrary to the prevailing mythology, not only did the Allies and the Royal Navy win the campaign in the Arctic, but they did so with the help of a huge and previously largely unacknowledged signals…
Munich Conference
Just twenty years after the War to End All Wars, Britain was once again at war with Germany. With hindsight a second conflagration had seemed inevitable, so did Britain sleepwalk into a world war…

Latest Quizzes

Girl on crocodile
Many people own pets, from dogs and cats to the more exotic, but how much do you know about pets in history? Take our quiz to find out!
Moon landings
How much do you really know about the Moon landing in 1969? Try the 50th anniversary quiz and find out!
Name the historical character from their on screen depiction
Can you match the following film and TV characters to the real historical character? See if you can get over 70%!

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Dan Jones
What does a story about a medieval invasion of Normandy look like if you give it the attack and the urgency of a twentieth-century American war story?
Chalke History Festival 2024 cr Steve Chick
The Chalke History Festival - the biggest, most celebrated history festival in the world - will this year run from 24 to 30 June, and early-bird tickets are already on sale!
We Have Ways Fest 2023
We Have Ways Fest is a veritable sweetshop for all those drawn to the dramatic and dangerous years of 1939-1945. But it's so much more than that.

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Traders in Men
'Traders in Men' is eye-opening and thought-provoking; it is a brilliant synthesis of the available information in all its forms; and it is a firm reminder about the lengths the greedy will…
Templars: The Knights Who Made Britain
'Templars: The Knights Who Made Britain' is a welcome addition to the sizeable body of literature available on the subject. Its narrower focus and sober analysis of British affairs shines a…
Victory to Defeat
'Victory to Defeat' asks a very simple, but rarely considered, question: how did Britain and her army go from victory in 1918 to crushing defeat at the hands of the same enemy in 1940?