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Arminius and Calvin
Since the establishment of the Church of England under Elizabeth I, a myth has been built up - and perpetuated by historiography - that showed puritans as a dangerous group, seeking to turn the world…
Samuel Pepys
Pepys’s diary is remarkably frank when it comes to his pursuit of love. Between 1660 and 1669 he recorded his daily life, including his interest in over twenty women who weren’t his wife, and much of…
Pierre Henri Révoil, Mary Queen of Scots Separated from Her Faithfuls, 1822
Mary Queen of Scots is an enigma. For the last four hundred and fifty years she has been presented as a romantic heroine, a Catholic martyr, a weak and feeble female used as a pawn by scheming men,…
Philippe de Mezieres presents his treatise to Richard II
The last two decades of the fourteenth century stand out in English history, distinguished by cultural, social and political shifts that have echoed through the centuries. Yet perhaps the most widely…
The ruins of a church in the mud of No Man's Land.
The myths of the ‘Great War’ are the foundation myths of the twentieth century, providing a frame of reference for understanding ourselves and our community. In Britain, the pervading myth is one of…

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Moon landings
How much do you really know about the Moon landing in 1969? Try the 50th anniversary quiz and find out!
Name the historical character from their on screen depiction
Can you match the following film and TV characters to the real historical character? See if you can get over 70%!
Valentine's Day
How much do you really know about the history of Valentine's Day?
Remember, remember, the 5th of November, but how much do you remember about the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605?
Liberty Leading the People - Eugène Delacroix (1830)
The French Revolution has been called the defining moment of the Enlightenment and the modern era. Whether you love it or hate it, find out how much you know about it!

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The History Tellers
The History Tellers, a.k.a. Stephen ‘Abs’ Wisdom and Alex Burnham, are two historian/performers who aim to bring fun yet fact-filled history to life. Having crossed paths with them for several years…
Kate Loveman
Dr Kate Loveman, Associate Professor in English Literature and Samuel Pepys specialist, talks to us about the relevancy of the seventeenth century to today's political climate, Charles II's…
Clare Jackson
Dr Clare Jackson is a distinguished Stuart historian, co-editing the Historical Journal from 2004 to 2011, and publishing books on the Restoration in Scotland, and on Charles II for the Penguin…

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London Mithraeum
Bloomberg rescued the London Mithraeum when it purchased the site of its current European headquarters, and in the process brought what was little more than a pile of stones back to awe-inspiring…
Fayke Newes: The Media vs the Mighty from Henry VIII to Donald Trump, Derek J. Taylor
'Fayke Newes' is not a history book, but it is one man’s informed perspective on the state of journalism today, and how it got to that point. It is a call for intelligent discussion, and it…
Elizabeth I Study in Insecurity
Elizabeth I is one of England’s most recognisable monarchs. Reigning for almost forty-five years she has come to represent a time of English peace and strength, where she walked the line between the…