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Women in the Age of Sail
There can be few historical milieus as thrilling and iconic as the lives of men at sea in the glorious Age of Sail. Yet there is always something in these images that is notable for its absence – the…
Elizabeth I
In the early hours of 24 March 1603 Queen Elizabeth I died quietly in her palace at Richmond. But for those living through those hours of her final decline, it was a time of fear as well as of hope:…
Mary Shelley
Mary Shelley is famous as the wife of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and as the author of the classic novel Frankenstein. But these two facts, interesting as they are, belie the depth of character…

Latest Quizzes

Girl on crocodile
Many people own pets, from dogs and cats to the more exotic, but how much do you know about pets in history? Take our quiz to find out!
Moon landings
How much do you really know about the Moon landing in 1969? Try the 50th anniversary quiz and find out!
Name the historical character from their on screen depiction
Can you match the following film and TV characters to the real historical character? See if you can get over 70%!

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Chalke Valley History Festival
After its enforced absence in 2020 due to the pandemic, Chalke Valley History Festival is set to return with a bang in 2021. Running from Wednesday 23 June to Sunday 27 June, it will be one of the…
Film reel
Historical cinema comes in for endless criticism from reviewers, viewers and – of course – historians: filmmakers bring their own interests, opinions and biases to their work. They make films not…
Hereford mappa mundi (13th century)
As the final part in a trilogy of articles on space and history, I met up with Oxford professor Dr Elizabeth Baigent, University Reader in the History of Geography and SCIO Senior Tutor at Wycliffe…

Latest Reviews

Marc Morris Anglo-Saxons
For his latest book, Marc Morris has gone grander and earlier than anything he's done before. The Anglo-Saxons: A History of the Beginnings of England covers the history of England from just…
Ludlow Castle
Ludlow Castle, snuggled beside a bend in the River Teme as it winds its ways through south Shropshire, is at the western edge of the pretty town of Ludlow. Although this small market town that was…
In a little under 150 beautifully illustrated pages, Sally Coulthard takes the reader on a whistle-stop tour of 50 of the most common, and important, flowers from around the world. Combining ancient…