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The Eagle and the Lion
In 'The Eagle and the Lion' Adrian Goldsworthy has set out to achieve the almost impossible: to provide a complete history of the relationship between Rome and Parthia/Persia across seven centuries.
After Nuremberg, Robert Hutchinson
In 'After Nuremberg', Robert Hutchinson provides an entirely new interpretation of the American pursuit of 'justice' for Nazi war criminals, with surprising results.
Tony Spawforth, What the Greeks Did for Us
'What the Greeks Did for Us' is a personal, subjective, and selective look at ancient Greece through the lens of modern culture. And it's wonderful.
Cleopatra's Daughter, Jane Draycott
Cleopatra's Daughter tells the story of perhaps one of the most politically successful women operating in Rome's Late Republic and early Principate. But surprisingly, it is a story about which few people know anything.
The Man with Miraculous Hands, Kessel
The Man with Miraculous Hands is the incredible story of Heinrich Himmler's doctor, who claimed to have saved millions of lives by carefully timed requests. It has now been picked up by Hollywood, with the rotund Kersten played by Woody…
James Holland Keith Burns Second World War
'The Second World War: An Illustrated History' is a collaborative effort between bestselling historian James Holland and award-winning aviation artist Keith Burns, aimed at providing a complete history of the Second World War in a concise…
On Savage Shores
'On Savage Shores' takes a fascinating look at the Atlantic World of the sixteenth century, but rather than adding to the voluminous literature about how the West 'discovered' the Americas, Caroline Dodds Pennock comes at the…
David Howarth, Adventurers
'Adventurers' tells the story of the improbable rise of history's most notorious company, from its international, intellectual and cultural origins in the sixteenth century through to its first great challenges during the reigns of…
Napoleon at Peace
'Napoleon at Peace' fits nicely into the tiny niche still available for originality. For the central aim of this new book is to explain the processes and thinking of the first consul between his seizure of power in 1799 and the…
Crassus Peter Stothard
Since the days of Plutarch, if not before, Marcus Licinius Crassus has been viewed as the ultimate exemplar of folly and dishonesty in the super-rich.
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