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A General Chronological History: Dedication



Physician to His Majesty, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians,

And of the Royal Society, London.



I Should not have troubled the World with the following History of the Air, and of its Effects on Animal and Vegetable Bodies, if I had not hoped that it might prove in some Degree beneficial to Mankind.

Should the public Opinion, on a thorough Perusal and candid Judgment, differ from mine, I own it would be a severe Rebuke to my Vanity in becoming an Author, as well as to my Presumption in offering an useless Work to so good a Judge.

More infop. iv On the other hand, should the Execution be sound equal to the Design of my Performance, every one must unanimously applaud my Choice of a PatronA person who gives financial or other support to a client, person, organisation, or cause., so distinguished by his Abilities, and yet more by the Goodness of his Heart.

But whatever may be it's Fate, I flatter myself that you, Sir, will chiefly consider it's Intention ; and, since that, is apparently good, accept of this Address as a faint Mark of that high Esteem and Respect with which your great Talents and amiable Qualities have made me, among many others,


Your most Obedient and most Humble Servant.